The North West Vocational Dance Centre offers the following ISTD approved courses to students of dance:


Level 4 Diploma in Dance Education (DDE)

This qualification develops the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to teach dance – especially focusing on knowledge of pedagogy – including other units essential for an appreciation of teaching dance to children and adults.


It consists of five mandatory units. Two units relate to generic teaching skills; one to child and adult physical and cognitive development; one to dance practice with a relationship to music (focusing on the dance knowledge required of pupils up to the beginning of vocational levels); and a final contextual unit on a topic related to dance.


Dance genre studied: Imperial Ballet, National, Modern and Tap.


It develops the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to teach dance, primarily in the context of graded dance examinations within the private sector. Learn more…


What do you need to study with us?

Ideally, students accepted to our courses should already have completed an ISTD intermediate qualification in their chosen discipline. However, if these are not held, depending on individual circumstances and level of skill, we may arrange for these to be taken during your period of study. Contact us to explore the options available.


Continual Assessment Policy

We continually assess the performance of students on our courses, to ensure that ability and competencies meet what is required to achieve this high level of teaching practice.


Course Fees

Fees are agreed with students on an individual basis, depending on the qualifications you are pursuing, your previous training / experience and also individual arrangements for study.


Fees may be paid in instalments and, in some cases, access to funding support may be available.


All governing body registration and examination fees are the responsibility of the student, as is the purchase of course books.